Sunday, December 26, 2010

Here we go.......

I'mmk joining the world of bloggers. I know very little about it. What I DO know is I love to tell people what I think. Sometimes to the point of being brutally honest. First, right off the bat, if I talk about you, don't take it personally and get all mad and stuff. It's all in fun. Also, I have spelling and gramatical immunity. I will talk about funny stuff I see on the internet, on TV and in real life too. You will get to hear about what it's like to be 40ish and finally getting to stay home ant do whatever the heck I want. I might talok about crafting or cooking or I might talk about the morons  I just encountered at WalMart. It'll be a surprise. And with that I bid you adieu, got stuff to do.  See ya all.   Debi

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