Sunday, January 2, 2011

A new year

Greetings Bloggers,
Only my second post. I don't make new years resolutions but I am going to attempt to post on here a little more often this year.
Main thing going on right now that is on my mind is trying to make it work financially so I can not have to go back to work. I started in the working world right after I graduated High School (Lafayette High School St Joseph MO class of '79) only break I have had is a few weeks when my 2 kids were born. I have been given this opportunity and I have to make it work. I find it funny that i am seriously busy around here all day long and don't seem to accomplish anything. i need to be a better steward of my time. Hopefully that will start next week when Steve goes back to work on a more regular schedule and I can get into a better schedule. I also need to learn to spend less. I will work on that too.
Today I am looking forward to using my kids as guinea pigs for a couple of new recipes I am trying, Steve does not like rice (I know, what a wierdo) so I rarely get to have rice. Since he is gone to the Chiefs game today I am trying a new chicken and rice recipe.  I got the recipe out of the book Brandon gave me for Christmas called "Entertaining under the Influence" by Amy Sedaris, That book is hilarious and has some good looking recipes in there. The other one is from that book too and is for a home made chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream icing.
Gotta go vacuum and get dressed, the kids will be here in a while.
more later

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