Monday, January 3, 2011

A new week

Well. hopefully I can get into a routine similar to the day I had today. Let me begin by taking you thru my hum drum day. Started out by making some banana bread from some mooshy bananas. I check the bread and the tester came out clean so one would think the bread was done. BUT NOOOOO. I take it out to cool on a wire rack and within minutes the middle sinks in. I have been cooking since I was 11 years old and this banana bread whips me every time. so you know what to do. slice it up thick and warm in in the microwave for a minute or less and put some butter on it. Super tasty. Problem solved.
I also did laundry, dusted, swept and mopped the wood floor in the front room. That floor is never shiny enough for my satisfaction. I have concluded it just isnt a shiny floor. I think I may have discovered a pretty good solution for mopping. Using my Libman mop I mix my favorite Spic N Span with a little Murphy's Oil Soap. Floor is clean and relatively shiny. So that vctory made up for the banana bread. I then dusted three rooms, had lunch, took a shower, had a little nap, bagged up the trash, swpet my front sidewalk and the garage. I wam sure there are a number of smaller tasks I am forgetting about but you get the picture. Soooooo I am rewarding myself with a little afternoon cocktail.
Will start supper around 5 and after we eat and clean up I wil call it a day. Now I finally feel like I accomplished something insead of just rambling about all day !
Yesterday inbetween football games, Steve and I watched a Billy the Exterminator marathon. Loved every one even if I had seen it before. Our friends Matt & Heather moved down to La.a few months ago and I think about them every time I see that show. Wondering if one of their 5 boys found a snake or something in their yard and have to call Billy.
Steve and I are hosting our Life Group Bible Study tomorrow night. Thus the need for cleaning. There  are a total of 5 couples including us. We have such good and in depth study. I have learned so much. Plus, we have grown very close, becoming great friends. That'll all go down at 7 tomorrow.
Well, moving on to other internet viewing.

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